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Coaching is an exciting investment in yourself!  At this point, you have already held an introductory session with me (and/or downloaded more info about coaching via the "One on One Coaching" tab within the classes+courses page) and you're ready to begin! 


This tab is for those clients that need to pay with a credit card through my website rather than using PayPal or Venmo.  The difficulty is how to allow you to pay within the range of $75 - $150. 


Since I offer choice in investment towards each coaching session, I stated the standard amount for each 1.5hr coaching session ($150) along with providing numerous discounts you can choose from that fits your budget.

LOVE25 ($25 discount = $125 investment) 

LOVE50 ($50 discount = $100 investment) 

LOVE75 ($75 discount = $75 investment)


Again, most pay using Venmo or PayPal. This is only for those who don't have the other two systems I use and need to pay via credit card. 


Don't foget, you'll call me once you're settled into a quiet area where you can focus. Thank you for trusting me with your journey! You won't be disappointed!

Coaching Session

Excluding Sales Tax
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