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Choosing abundance over scarcity, love over fear, life over death is a life-altering mindset that leads to an abundant life - no matter what your current circumstances.  


Tara is passionate about holding a safe space for a small group of women to empower, equip and enrich their lives.  This course is one of a kind as Tara teaches and coaches each session in a spirit-led, individualized way.  No two academies are the same even though there is a thoughtful structure to this course.     


Tara will utilize God’s word (John 10:10 and numerous key verses each week) along with the Holy Spirit to empower, equip and enrich participants’ lives.  This academy is designed for women who are able to participate in all 4 sessions and can do thought-provoking work in between so they can get the most out of the academy. 


Jesus came to give life in abundance, we also know we have an enemy that is a thief, and he only wants to steal, kill and destroy.  God doesn’t force us to choose Him or His heavenly ways.  He gives us freedom to choose.  It is imperative that we know this difference and we learn to choose abundance over scarcity every moment of the day. 


Week One: Knowing your true identity, belief system, and values.

Week Two: Being more intentional with your thoughts.

Week Three: Acknowledging how you show up in the world.

Week Four: Acknowledging how you respond (not react) in life.




This online course will be held through Zoom. The Zoom link will be provided immediately after purchase and will give access to all four sessions.  Please look for an email from me showing reciept of purchase and click the DOWNLOAD button within that receipt. 


*To get the most out of the class, a certain number of participants need to sign up.  Tara has always had full classes, but if class needs to be canceled, you will be notified and you will be fully refunded.  

Course: Abundance Academy

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