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I bundled these pre-recorded classes for anyone interested in having a better understanding of the Lord's Prayer as well as the Beatitudes (supreme blessings) and how they can positively impact and transform our lives - one day at a time.  


Jesus came to give life in abundance (John 10:10).  Taking time to learn more about what it looks/sounds/feels like to live out that abundantly blessed life, no matter the circumstances, can be transformational.   To have a prayerful framework to use each morning as well as throughout the day has truly been life-changing.  


The Lord's Prayer class is about 45 minutes & the Beatitudes is an additional hour.  I provide notes for both classes to support the teaching.  I also recommend you use a journal just in case you need more space to write additional thoughts that come to mind.  


Typically, my classes are live so I can interact with participants in a spirit-led way by stopping throughout the teaching to check in and provide quick & focused coaching as needed.  As best I could, I provided prompts to engourage digging deeper into teaching and self-discovery.   


I hope the convience of these recorded classes serves you well as I still allowed the Holy Spirit to empower, equip and enrich our lives through these sessions.  


The link to this class will be provided immediately after purchase. Please look for that email showing reciept of purchase and click the DOWNLOAD button within that receipt. 


Hope you join me! 


XO Tara

Class:Morning Prayer Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Immediately after purchase, a new window will appear Thanking you of a successful purchase.  Below to the product and cost, will be a down arrow next to the word "download." Click that to access class video and notes.  Additonally, a confirmation email will be sent immeditely after purchase allowing you the same "download" option as well.  The video links and documents are NOT sent to you directly.  

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