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Get to know Tara

I love supporting a healing to wholeness journey nearly as much as I love butter on a warm, carb-filled baked good. Okay, slightly exaggerated, but not too far off how satisfying it is to be deeply connected to the Spirit of God while listening to people's stories and helping them step into alignment with their abundance.

Even if a client is doing well and is successful in life, my support enhances his or her journey. I help others expand their self-awareness and live a life of intention. I do this by focusing on identity, beliefs, thoughts and values rather than behaviors.

God calls me to 'live out loud.'

I invite you to join me as I share what inspires me through the highs and lows; believing it is better to walk this life together. 


 I welcome you to

AbundantlyMe comeunity 

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Meet the team

God , Jesus,
& the Holy Spirit

God is our number one authority. We keep our eyes on Jesus and are empowered by The Holy Spirit. It's an exciting way to do our work! 

The heart of AbundantlyMe is to serve you well, no matter where you are on your journey. 

It is exciting to witness God love others in simple ways as well truly witnessing miraculous transformation throughout all our services. 


Laura Fonseca
"Alisha -protected by God"

This picture says it all!

Laura's spirit is filled with adventure, joy and authenticity! She is a valued part of the team as Creative Director. 

She is dedicated to loving others through creative and spirit-filled messaging so not a day goes by that followers miss hearing enduring truth!

It's going to be fun to see what else God is up to with Laura & this precious ministry. 


Ryan Ouellette

My husband, Ryan, has been an incredible part of this ministry from conception in 2015. His support as accountant and IT supervisor have been incredibly helpful, and at times, a life-saver!

He lives out his God-given identity as "peacemaker" through co-leading AbundantlyMe classes, officiating weddings of loved ones, and mentoring men of all ages

Grateful to have unconditional love and support from Ryan. 


Tara Ouellette

My God-given identity is Petra, like Peter or Rock –– upon which much is built. Something you may not know about me is that I felt the presence of God in my home during my terrifying home invasion in 2008. Then, much of my terror and PTSD was healed by the white light of Jesus Christ while in counseling.


After that occurrence, I wanted everyone to experience the power of God and the healing power of Jesus. After serving in education for nearly 20 years, opening my own coaching business was the first step in personal and spiritual development. 


AbundantlyMe has grown into a loving ministry for thousands of people world-wide. 

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