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"I speak from the heart, not from a script."

Dynamic Christian Speaker

Whether Tara is speaking small or large groups, she creates an interactive experience for the audience. She is spirit-led as she shares inspirational truth in an emotionally engaging way.  Tara speaks from the heart and not from a script. Her style is sincere and fun. It’s always Tara’s intention that participants will be more empowered, enriched and equipped to choose abundance every time.  

Extensive Speaking Experience

  • Guest speaker during church services (testimony, series teaching, host)

  • Speaker/teacher during women’s events (keynote, main presenter, breakout session)

  • Breakout session at business event (identity, serving from abundance, leadership)

  • Guest on media platform (WMUZ radio, Youtube, Facebook, podcast) 

  • School systems (identity, the power to choose, self-leadership)

Tara's Sweet Spots

  • Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset

  • Family: marriage, parenthood, children & teens

  • Mental Health 

  • Communication 

  • Boundaries

  • Overcoming: the small stuff as well as life-altering trials 

  • Leadership & the true meaning of success 

  • Identity & wholeness 

  • Body & Soul Health


I was so moved by the passion and love Tara has for Jesus.  The way she speaks commands the room to feel what she is saying.  Her teaching isn't just  informative - it's a transformative experience. 

Angela G., co-owner of 20 Front Street


Many factors are included when determining the investment, including size of audience. The investment ranges from $500-$5,000 in addition to travel expenses.

Please include as much information as possible to inform Tara of your event: date, location, length of request hours/days, number of attendees, etc. 

Contact Tara 

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