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A Partnership

The first step in the coaching process is setting up an introductory call to determine if we're a good fit for each other. To do that, fill out the form below and we will coordinate a time to chat.

What to Expect

Coaching is not about fixing, it's about healing. It's not about the problem, it's about the solution. Through our one-on-one personalized sessions, we will work together to help you know yourself better and work toward a mindset of choosing abundance over scarcity. In each session, I seek prayer and lead with the Spirit of God because I believe He has all the answers.

It is very common to be unsure of working one-on-one.  A good step toward your healing and wholeness is to join a class or course.  Group sessions are a great way to receive empowering teaching that will impact 'your tomorrow' and get more individualized support slowly over time.  

If that seems like a good next step, click here to head over to the classes & courses page.

Coaching one-on-one with Tara ranges from $75-$150, ideally each session lasting 1.5 hours.







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