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Welcome to my Writing Journey

I've been working on this creative nonfiction book since 2008, days after I experienced my worst nightmare...a home intrusion. Stay up-to-date on this work by following me on social media!

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First Draft, Finished! 

DONE! #homeinvasionstory

It’s January 1, 2021, and I just finished the complete first draft of my book.

I’m not sure how to express how it feels to follow through with a desire I’ve held for 13 years.


Sharing our Testimonies 


Maybe something about the writing journey and sharing our stories..



Perfect Day to Write 

Kinda glad it’s another rainy day as I write. This process has been so purifying for me and I pray glorifies God and nothing else. “This process” doesn’t just mean the writing — living through process has been life changing. I guess I hope I never stop changing and growing and meeting the amazingness and splendor of God.

Huh, I think I just said I’m glad not everything goes my way, according to my plan, in my timing, with no “negative” emotions. I guess that would not only be boring for me, but I would be missing out on the intimate and personal walk with God. Ya know, the guy who made all? Yea, that guy. I guess I do like the fact that we know each other so well.

I don’t know how He puts up with me, but I’m glad He does, as a good Father would, cuz I’m constantly a work in process…


Why, The One?



Vulnerability overload, but here I go!

My book, titled The One (Matthew 18:10-14), is in the next stage of publishing. I’m not comfortable with sharing my work in progress, but I like the accountability and taking ya’ll along for the journey.

Joanna Colossians FourSix, my editor, has given me my next task. So here I go reading it all the way through and revising as needed.

I pray this love story is done by 2022.




Oops, I made a mistake!

As a new writer and growing contributor to social media, I try to be conscientious of what I'm sharing knowing what I say/write doesn't just concern me.

Weeeellll...I dropped that ball! (again) I'm so thankful it was brought to my attention today that one of my November FB Story posts--from my book writing journey--left some people worried about what may have happened to me as a child.

In my mind, I was quickly sharing research I was doing on Freddy Krueger Movies and how my stepdad would scare us at night, but in reality, my post left way too much up to the imagination. I'm sorry for the unnecessary worry.

My intention was to share a tiny glimpse of my story as I was writing about my fears as a child. Not because my stepdad was trying to be malicious, but his sense of fun/humor left an imprint of fear on me nobody knew about. Again, I'm sorry that my post was incomplete and ulimatley inconsiderate.

Not being hard on myself either. I've chosen to make this journey visible so I feel it's necessary to share my mistakes and lesson's learned as well.

So, now I'm saying these two things to myself:

1. Even when I think I'm considerate, think again and again and maybe even one more time from the reader's perspective. (UGH, I know this!)

2. My #homeinvasionstory is a powerful LOVE story. I'm not writing a book about it to add drama to an already volatile world, I'm sharing to bring more hope--no matter what happens to us in this world.

So, I'm telling myself not to feel discouraged and overwhelmed while realizing how hard it is to "live out loud" as well as show deep consideration for others.

It's tempting for me to go back to my own quiet corner and to not be as public or publish this gorgeous God story, but I'm telling myself - it's definitely possible to do both.

So...that's why I'm typing this; proving to myself, it's possible to boldly shine love, be humble as I make mistakes, and have a considerate heart.

I can do this...



Reader Input 


I'd love your input.

I'm getting back to writing my book (been writing since 2008) that shares my testimony of how God stopped me in my tracks to set me free from all the (mental, emotional, spiritual) junk I was unintentionally carrying around.

In March 2008, God allowed my greatest nightmare to come true (experiencing a home invasion while my husband Ryan was away on a trip) to show me how much He loved me, saw me, understood me and wanted me to be free from the very thing I was most influenced by--FEAR!

The sweetest thing is that I didn't know God that well at that time and He did this for me anyway. What a cool, guy!

So here's where I'd love to hear from a reader's perspective:

What specifics would you want to know?

Have you dealt with PTSD of any kind? Do you want to know how I got through such a trying time?

Do you want to know how the very thing that I was terrified of became the very thing that allowed me to fall in LOVE with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit?

Do you want to know how I handled the issue of how a loving God could let something like this happen?

What do you struggle with regarding God? How can my story help you?

Love and gratitude, friends!



Why, The One?

This post something about why I am choosing to call the book, The One. 

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