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I'm here to help you live an abundant 

Hey there!


I'm Tara Ouellette, I've served in the field of personal development for over 20 years - last seven as a certified life coach.


Most importantly, I'm a wife, mother of three boys, and Jesus is my greatest influencer.


I love to create joyful moments marked by laughing until our face hurts, and inspiring others to fearlessly shine bright and love well – no matter what an even if

If you would like to connect with me after one of my teaching experiences for the notes or to continue the conversation, I invite you to join my Forum by clicking the option above. 



Work with Tara


A series of 4-week online classes  for a group of 12 people who are ready to dig deeper into a transformational topic. Each participant will have the ability to be coached making the learning personal and applicable.



Tara would love to speak at your next event.  She has experience speaking from the heart and engaging audiences at large conferences, events, churches and retreats.



One-time online class that starts with Tara teaching on a specific transformational topic and closes with a few volunteers who are willing to make a personal connection through coaching.  



On a limited basis, Tara offers one-on-one coaching experiences for individuals & couples.  Weekly sessions are held virtually so your location doesn't stop you from receiving this life-changing support.


Your next step to abundance:

My classes and courses are designed for us to intentionally pursue transformation together. Be a part of a judgment-free, safe space rooted in love.



"Working with Tara, from the very first session has been life changing. I never thought that I would connect with someone who has made me feel safe and open about my past struggles and provided such amazing insight and “aha moments” along my journey. She has gently taken me to my past and guided me to conclusions and perspectives that I never have been able to without her. I feel so refreshed, more thoughtful and live more intentionally. She has changed my outlook on life, parenting and has proven that our meeting was meant to be, and that God works in miraculous ways. He wants us to notice Him. I would highly recommend Tara. She is truly a blessing to me."

Sara, MI 


My favorite sayings
from those I work with: 

"I've been in counseling for X years and I got more out of my first session(s) with you through coaching." 

"How is it possible to have gotten so much out of our first session?!"

"I started this session feeling very overwhelmed and heavy. Honestly, I didn't want to get on the coaching call. Now that we're at the end of the session, I feel so much lighter. I'm so glad I didn't skip this time with you [Tara]. "

"I never knew feeling this way was possible. I almost gave up."

"You make it very easy to talk to and open up. Your vulnerability [Tara] sets the example and I know you are not judging me." 


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