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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I love supporting other's healing to wholeness journey nearly as much as I love butter on a warm carb-filled baked good. Ok, slightly exaggerated, but not too far off how satisfying it is to be deeply connected to the Spirit of God all the while I listen to people's stories and little-by-little helping them step into alignment with their abundance.

Even if a person is doing well and is successful in life, my work enhances their journey. I help other's expand their self-awareness and live a life of intention. I do this by focusing on identity, beliefs, thoughts and values rather than behaviors.

It's incredible to witness the transformation!

I would love to share my story of how I got to this point. I have been in the field of personal development for nearly twenty-five years and spent the last six focusing on the spiritual development of myself as well as how to help others. But before I share my educational experience, I would love to take a moment to share my on-the-job training that qualifies me for a such work. (Insert picture of my life represented by a roller coaster here. Wink.)

I had every reason to be a victim of my circumstances and not live the abundant life God intended. As a severely at-risk child from poverty, who was brought up in a fatherless home, I was ripe for a scarcity mindset. Yet, I was brought up by my mom who cared about our future all the while she worked two jobs to keep my two older brothers and me fed, clothed and in a clean home and warm beds in the subsidized housing complex of Rochester, MI. I wasn't future-focused and it was extremely difficult to work through the stress and confusion of the day to even focus on what was right in front of me.

Yet, I managed to take my dishonorable high school GPA and the little money I made from working to take the first step into my future. I enrolled myself into a community college and got a little scholarship for playing soccer. By the end of my first year, I earned a strong GPA and was on the Dean's list. That led me to a four-year university to pursue my elementary teaching degree. I graduated with honors, got hired on the spot during my very first interview in a prominent school district and was in my dream job just five years after feeling lost as a child.

I met my husband my senior year in high school (super cool story) and we got married after my first year of teaching. I hear it is typical for a woman to marry a man who resembles her father as a little girl, yet I married the complete opposite. (By the by, I love my dad and am appreciative for the small part he played in my life - he did make some good contributions to my healthy lifestyle. Even though I haven't seen him in 14 years (and it wasn't often before that) I know he does the best he can with what he has. I let him and the victim-mindset go.)

Anywho, as Ryan and I excelled as professionals (he is a pilot) we started our family and our 1:1 male to female ratio changed to 4:1. I was out numbered. Ethan, Tyler and Nolan have been the greatest children we have had the honor to raise. While working full-time and raising a young family while Ryan traveled a lot, I tapped into my self-confidence knowing I've made it this far with hard work and butt-kickin' perseverance, I can keep relying on my strength. Yet, I was dealing with issues under the surface I hadn't addressed - never knew I even needed to address - since I was leading a great, successful life.

My identity was found in my successes - mostly from being a teacher and aspiring school administrator. I didn't realize my fear-based mindset and my own self-protection and strength was grossly holding me back. I just didn't know.

Yet, God knew.

One day, in the winter of 2008, my husband was on a trip and the boys (all under the age of 6) and I experienced a home invasion (my book/testimony coming soon). God allowed me to experience my worst nightmare to break me free from the bondage of fear and to show me His strength, protection and provision. It was an excruciatingly beautiful process. God loved me too much to let me continue to live with such limitations. Yet, this break-in was not just about me and my family it was about others who were lost and hurting. God leaves the ninety-nine to go after the one and that is what He did time and time again through this story.

My life changed drastically after that point but it took time for the layers of fear to peal away starting to expose my identity, beliefs, values and thoughts that ruled my life. Fear of man was becoming lesser than my great love of God. I wish I could say it was smooth sailing after that, but I had more work to do. God's love is expressed to us in allowing us to have free-will, so he allowed me to continue to pursue my calling of serving as an elementary principal at an at-risk school, even though he had been whispering for quite a while a change was needed.

Seven years had past since the home invasion and it was time to get my attention again. At this point, I had been living into my great calling as a principal for four years. The staff and I began to see great success, yet God knew what lied ahead for my family. So He called me out of my work and asked me to trust Him over the unknown of what I would be doing with my high-energy, my degrees and certifications, my college debt, and my passion for the at-risk student!

Yet, it felt reckless and I felt abandoned. Who was I if I wasn't a principal serving in education?!

In the summer and fall of being out of work, I cried out to God, "Why did you take me this far? Why did you let me experience the world of education that I loved so much and had a heart for the learner, let alone the at-risk learner who needs someone to care for them? They needed a leader who didn't just care to teach through a formulaic, scripted approach. No! You know I saw the whole person sitting in a desk. They were more than that. Their stories impacted their learning and I created an environment that honored the whole child. So, please, explain it to me, God? This change hurts almost the same as the pain from the home invasion. Why can't you just let me be? I was doing fine. I set goals and achieved them. I set higher goals and achieved those too. I got myself out of poverty, debt, failure, scarcity - all of it. I did that. I worked very hard. So, now what? What do I do now?"

"Trust me." God responded in personal ways overtime.

I spent the fall days caring for my family and within a short time I started working part time for Franklin Covey as a Leader in Me coach and consultant and slowly began to work on additional certifications while the kids were at school to start my own coaching business. Then depression and suicidal ideations took over. The fight was on and the enemy wasn't going to win over my child. Another life-altering blow, but Ryan and I knew we had to stand firm on our faith and know that we are not in this alone.

This battle continued for about seven years, yet God and the heavenly realm was working it all out for good. I allowed Him to orchestrate my steps so I don't step out of His abundance and toward a prosperous future. I began working with Joy Lee at Barn45 as a director, teacher and group facilitator. By the time the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, the Barn closed like everything else around the world, and all in-person sessions came to a halt. God downloaded the idea of an online, daily Bible Study to keep us connected - not just to each other but to God's word.

Wow, God. Wow.

Even though my own struggles in life hadn't stopped, God's Bible study was healing people around the world through Joy and my obedience just to show up - as is. We witnessed unbelievable testimonies and miracles, yet God was still doing a mighty work in my family. So again, He got my attention again and needed me to step down from Barn45 and His global Bible study to have a refined focus on my family and work at a different level again for the time being.

So, here I am. Sharing my story openly and vulnerably as a work in progress and being willing to do whatever it takes to help my family and others choose abundance over the scarcity of circumstance. There is always more than meets the eye. Always. And as a follower of Jesus, I promise. He always sees more, knows more and wants to reveal more of the goodness of heaven.

It would be my pleasure to walk along side you as you journey through this life. As you can see, I don't have what it takes to heal you, but God who works through me...oh, watch out! He has been waiting for you to trust Him and hopefully now you will trust me to make that connection.

All this transformational talk is making me crave warm banana nut bread with a thick layer of butter.

(Too bad I can't eat dairy or wheat anymore. That's a whole other God story. Wink.)

With love,

Tara Ouellette

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