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Discovering a Slice of Heaven

While visiting my son at college on the other side of the state, we drove to a local beach to watch the sunset from the pier. It was a beautiful fall night as we watched the sun slowly drop into Lake Michigan.

It is well known within my family that my phone will be on camera mode the entire time hoping to capture special moments. I take dozens of pictures from different angles and settings believing that the best pictures are discovered not taken.

I crouched down low to view the sunset from a different perspective. Every so often, the resting water would rise, and its waves would crash into the wall of the pier allowing me to witness even more of nature’s beauty. In a rush, I took tons of snap shots hoping one or two would freeze the movement adding a unique layer of beauty onto the sunset. Then I started taking short videos to capture the entirety of the wave; with the plan to use my phone’s technology to slowly scan through the video –– frame by frame –– believing I would discover one special moment in time that couldn’t be seen otherwise.

Later that night I did just that and found this gem. I posted the pictures on social media to share beauty and good within the world. Then my precious online community saw even more goodness within the picture.

One friend commented, “Can you see the Heart in the water?” Another commenting later that she saw the same thing.

“Oh, wow. Yes. I see it." I thought to my self as I looked closer. "How did I miss that?” I love finding hearts within nature –mostly heart shaped rocks, but I’m not sure I would have seen the water outlined heart had someone else not mentioned it.

As I studied the heart shape for a moment, a hand holding the heart in its fingers appeared as well. Then I discovered the arm as if it was coming out of the water. The picture seemed clearer than ever.

That is what can happen in community; sharing something good can “incite” others. Good can inspire others to see more good with the possibility there’s a shared paradigm shift discovering more than we could have on our own.

Furthermore, community anchored in the realization that we are all spiritual beings and believe God is the Creator (of all things) is a supernatural group of people.

Like smart phones we also have a form of technology that enables us to discover slices of time that are meant for us to see and experience beyond our human abilities and senses. The Holy Spirit –– within us as believers –– is the technology (tekhne ‘art’ tekhnologia “systematic treatment”) within the natural science of our soul and bodies. The Spirit of God is willing to help us see the art of heaven in between the everyday events and circumstances in our natural life.

All too often, we miss it because we are often “taking” and doing all throughout our day. From the point of brushing our teeth in the morning to brushing our teeth at night; we simply take in the everyday occurrences and miss the imbedded slices of heaven that color our lives and invite us into something more.

I’m inviting you into more. More good. More insights. More community. More inspiration that “incites” change that leads to transformation allowing you to experience heaven on earth.

Let’s connect:

I would love to hear what is on your mind as you experienced this moment with me. Did this insight, incite anything within you?

If you are curious about how personal coaching can help you or if you would like me to connect with your group, please feel free to connect with me or


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