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It's Time to Let Go to Make Room

I feel the need to give you a little background before jumping into the main reason why I feel led to share this inspiration of letting go to make room for what’s next.

It started when I was feeling quite sick and a bit crabby over this recent Labor Day weekend. This long weekend is often considered the last hurrah of summer before we transition into fall and get back into new routines for home, school and work.

With what felt like the rest of the world (yup, not helpful mental drama), I wanted to spend this extended weekend away from home with my loved ones. Instead, I was stuck at home dealing with a terrible cold and was forced to rest. When I could function, I worked on projects around the house.

As the days dragged on, I realized that I was also dreading the change of seasons. As much as I love aspects of fall––the beautiful colors all throughout this great state, the warmer clothes, football games, bonfires, favorite cozy blankets, etc.––I typically don’t like how this season slowly takes away the longer, brighter, warmer days of summer and introduces the gray, dreary days of winter.

This momma loves her warmth and sunshine!

However, while I was painting the trim of several rooms with fresh white paint, I began processing my thoughts through the lens of abundance rather than my crabbiness and I started to see things with a new, fresh perspective. Rather than viewing the upcoming seasonal changes as it is “taking away,” I chose to proactively assess what I can let go and give away, leaving room for what may be next. Then I thought of how September is often considered a new year, a new quarter, a fresh start. I began to see my situation as an opportunity to look around my house and assess what isn’t serving me well any longer. It’s like spring cleaning with a twist!

I noticed two large bins of clothes in my closet that I haven’t used in years. One was for the years I played soccer and the other were all my road biking clothes while I participated in the Make-A-Wish 300-mile bike tour each summer. It’s been over ten years and there is no way I’m interested in long distance biking again.

So why am I still holding on to it?

I brought the two bins of soccer and biking gear downstairs to figure out what to do with all of it and the memories came flooding back making it more difficult to just simply throw everything in the donation box.

I made a pile of donate, sell, give away to friends and things that need to be thrown away. I also took pictures of the things that sparked joy (stated in Marie Kondo’s sweet voice), but still had to go. I decided to keep my favorite biking jersey to frame with a few other Make-A-Wish mementos and pictures I had been saving.

Once that process was done and I noticed the space that was available in my closet, I felt lighter. I was inspired, so I continued to let go of anything that wasn’t serving me well and repurposed the empty bins to reorganize what I did want to keep.

Ahh, it felt great to let go!

It is very interesting how making physical changes to spaces like home, office, car, purse or wallet, drawers, etc. can make a difference in other dimensions of our lives; emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

The rest of the weekend was joy-filled as I proactively prepared for winter by embracing fall. Like trees letting go of their leaves to prepare for next season’s new growth, I started to feel empowered to let go of anything that might hold me back from my own future growth.

This was a whole new perspective. I felt the shift all throughout my being. I reflected on the year (even thinking about my New Year Resolution “Ok, God! How high?!”) and was excited to prepare for all the great possibilities in the next half of the year that will usher in new growth!

I may not have been able to go on vacation for Labor Day weekend with my loved ones, but I got rid of junk (mentally and physically) that I wouldn’t have been able to if I were away from my house.

Now that’s flippin’ the script!

I would love to connect with you:

1) Is there stuff that you are holding onto that is not serving you well and quite possibly holding you back from growth?

2) What are strategies and fun ways that you can share with others to encourage letting go?

3) I invite you to reflect on what you can let go of physically, but also mentally. What patterns of thought need to be removed because they aren’t serving you well?

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