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Where do I fit in?

Where do I fit in?

No matter the age I have found myself asking, “Where do I fit in?”

It’s not premeditated.

It just sneaks up and speaks for itself, “Where do I fit in?”

Do I fit into that group? That school? In that class or in that club?

That sport or hobby?

Do I fit into this family? That family? Or my extended family?

Do I fit in with my in-laws or those other laws?

“Where do I fit in?”

In that culture? Country? City or state?

That government, political party, or religion?

Do I fit in to that church or ministry? Before, during or after the hurt?

“Where do I fit in?” myself calls out.

Do I fit into that pain? To that trauma?

Do I fit into that being celebrated or that success?

That business? Mission or vision?

Do I fit into that mindset? What about that skillset?

Where do I fit in?

Do I fit into the generations before me? What about this one? The next?

Do I fit into what they think? Say? Or believe about me?

Do I fit into to what I think? I say? Or what I believe about me?

What if I do fit in?

Right here.

Within this skin.

It seems to fit



I’m amazing.

When I stop and think about it. About me.

Truly. Amazing.

Am I allowed to say that?

“I’m amazing.”

Right here. Right now. As is.


I fit in and I’m amazing.


My amazingness will grow the more I get present with me.

I fit in great with this renewed Freedom

and Perfect Love.

It’s crazy how relaxed I am within the boundaries of me.

Now realizing

I have company.

“I Am.


God calls within me.

Who made me.

Who loved me. And loves me. Will always love me.

Always with me. Within me.

Surrounding me.

And guiding me.

Above me.

Greater than me.

Thank God!

I fit in great with Him.

No matter the age, no matter what and even if; I find myself responding, “I fit in with Him.”

For a time such as this.

He speaks up and speaks for Himself within myself, “You fit in with Me.

"You be you and I’ll be Me; however,” He gently reminds:

“together. We won’t fit in.

We will stand out.

We will stand up.

We will stand firm.

We will stand strong.

We will stand in the tension

of life on this side of heaven."

In freedom.

In faith.

In peace.

An “awkward sense of peace,” myself replies.

I want to stay here. How long can I stay right here, just like this?

“For eternity,” He shines.

I fit in!

If I believe this to be true.

and am able with You.

No matter what and even if,

We will make a difference.

An impact.

We will create.

We will change.

Things will change.

This can’t happen

if you fit in (as you once thought).

Let’s not fit in

to anything but our own skin;

With Him.

Let's no longer fit in

without Him.

Let’s go!

Let’s connect:

I would love to hear what is on your mind as you experienced this moment with me. Did this insight, incite anything within you?

If you are curious about how personal coaching can help you or if you would like me to connect with your group, please feel free to connect with me or

I love you, because He loved you first!

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1 Comment

Mar 19, 2023

Wow!! Great post Tara!!! Much throughout my life I felt like I didn’t fit in, if I’m being honest, it wasn’t until I read this that I realized it’s ok to be ME! I am good enough just as I AM. I don’t have to be someone I’m not; I don’t have to have a tidy home to have people over…blah, blah, blah! I’ve listened to Satan’s lies far too long about what he said I needed to be to fit in. What I NEED and have always needed is the TRUTH from God and how He sees me. This perspective changes EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you for your post today Tara! Keep doing what your doing!!!! I’m going out to spread…

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