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"How High?!" A New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!


God: Jump.

Tara: How high?

Other years

God: Jump.

Tara: When?




Are you sure?

By myself?

Tell me more.

What will people think?

What about…?

Are there any other options?

How far down will I fall?

Will I get hurt?

Will others get hurt?

Did you realize…?

This will be a first.

I’m not equipped.

Did you consider asking him/her instead?

Last time he/she “jumped” it didn’t work out well.

I will, as soon as I’m done.

Almost done.

Next Monday.

Next month.

Next year.

When the kids are older.

When I feel better.

When I lose weight.

Will it cost me anything?

Do I need to do anything beforehand?

What will I do after?

Where will You be?

What type of jump do you expect?

Do I need to jump like she did? Probably.

Okay, I’m ready. Are you ready, God?

God? Are you still there?

I can’t hear you. Do you still want me to jump?

I’m ready when You are.

I’ll wait until I hear from you again.

I just want to be sure.



"How high?" Very interesting New Year’s resolution/new phrase for the year. I didn’t overthink this, I just heard this quick, two sentence dialogue in my mind and started typing it out.

I’ve come a long way in my relationship with God and trusting it through my obedience, but when I let it roll out of my heart and onto my journal, I realized that I could take our relationship to a whole other level.

How high?

“How high?” is a simple two-word sentence indicating no hesitation. Just pure trust and hope in His command to jump.


A simple one-word statement. A command. Not his audible voice, but God talking to my spirit which becomes my own thoughts leading me to good. It is always in my best interest and/or the best interest of His kingdom. Always.

If I dissect how I feel about God commanding me to jump, I know Him well enough to know His intentions. When I didn’t know Him at all and I followed the patterns of this world, the command to jump – any command – would have felt like an act of dominance. A great, domineering authority figure telling me what to do solely because he could.

This is what it would have sounded to me:

Jump, becauseI said so.

Jump to establish my authority.

Jump, because you’re inferior.

Jump, because you have to; you have no other choice.

Jump, because that’s what behavior I expect and do not dare ask questions, just do as I say.

I don’t jump, that’s beneath me. You jump.

As I’ve grown in my faith, this is how I hear God now:

Jump because I know something you don’t.

Jump, there’s a snake that is about to harm you.

Jump, I’ve got you.

Jump with me.

Jump, I know what’s best for you.

Jump, to take this leap of faith.

Jump, out of the burning building.

Jump, it’s great exercise.

Jump over the deep hole.

Jump into my arms. My ways. My light. My patterns.

Jump away from harm.

Jump into the amazingly warm water.

Jump into a new way of doing things.

Jump away from the old and into the new.

Jump into new possibilities.

Jump into a new life.

Jump. Take this new risk with me.

Jump; it’s so fun!

Jump; because you can.

Jump, beloved.

I believe in you; jump.

I went before you; jump.

You’re safe; jump.

I’ve worked it all out; jump.

Trust me; jump.

You’ve got what it takes; jump.

You’re equipped; jump.

It’s not what you think; jump.

I see it differently; jump.

Ready. Set. Jump.

You’re the perfect person for this; jump.

I’ll wait for you to jump with you.

Don’t jump. Not there.

Jump. It’s beautiful up here.

Jump. It’s relaxing down here.

Jump. It’s freeing over here.

Jump. It’s amazing on the other side.

Jump. It’s just a hurdle.

Jump. It’s a possibility.

Jump. I promise.

I promise. Jump.

Don’t look down. Look at me. Jump.

No judgement; jump.

Don’t worry; jump

Don’t jump.

Just as you are; jump.

The cost is too great if you don’t; jump.

Jump whichever way you want; just jump.

I jumped. Now, your turn. Jump.

Here, I’ll show you. Now your turn. Jump.

Jump. It’s refreshing!

Jump. It will increase capacity for more.

In 2022, I choose to jump AND say how high with great anticipation that I’m going to learn more about our loving heavenly father as well as grow a greater capacity for His Spirit to work through me.

Let’s gooooo!

Friend, as you read this, what was your spirit telling you? What was one part of this journal entry that struck you the most? I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to write a comment below.

XO Tara

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I say I’ll jump cause my expectations are very high! He will catch me every time ! My whole life has been me flying by the seat of my pants, no more , now I have a Director who knows exactly what I need and where I’m going ! So I’ll just buckle up and enjoy the ride ! ! How high Lord?

Jan 17, 2022
Replying to

lmendo312, I appreciate your perspective. Yes, our Director knows exactly what is needed (not always what we want) and where we are headed - for our good. I appreciate journeying together. Let's gooo!

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