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In tragedy, What has Your Attention?

Oxford High School shooting is, yet again, proof that we live in a broken world and there is evil among us.

It has our attention.

Evil has happened before and it will again.

When a 15 year old boy has a plan to kill his peers or anyone in his path and follows through with that plan – that is pure evil. That is Satan working through this kid. It’s devastating to witness.

It has our attention.

I wish the evil didn’t have our attention so much. Not to diminish pain, agony, suffering or grief, I would never discourage processing the necessary emotions during such difficult times. But I desire that we also see how very good the Spirit of God is and how he works through all situations. I’m hoping that BELIEFE in God increases during a time such as this.

I have countless stories on how I’ve benefited greatly from choosing to have faith in God, follow Jesus and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. Calling myself a Christian isn’t a point at which I’ve arrived and become passive until I go to heaven. My faith is enacted by the way I show up in the world and how I respond to good and evil.

With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat I write this wondering what it will take to get people to see we ALL have been made on purpose by a loving Creator, a perfect heavenly Father who loves every single person on this planet. Every. Single. One.

His children go wayward, they get lost. They forget or never get a chance to realize there is a God that made each and every one of us with love and with a great purpose (even this 15 year old killer). However, as we grow up in this world, we start to believe little lies about ourselves and some are huge, disorienting lies that attract Satan. At that point, the person is no longer right minded and shows up in the world to kill, steal and destroy.

BUT GOD is alive and active.

How? You may ask. If there is a loving God, where is He? Why didn’t He stop this killer? Why didn’t He save the lives of these four children? Where is God in this horrific story in Oxford, Michigan?

God works through us.

God gave up his throne to have relationship with us – Merry Christmas. Then as fully God and fully man, Jesus, loved us so much He gave up His young life of 33 years to die for the sin of this world – Happy Easter. SO THAT His Spirit wouldn’t be confined to just one person. SO THAT His power, love and grace would be within each human being. But, the really difficult part is how many people will choose to believe this and choose to be the temple of God. How many of us will help bring heaven on earth to increase good and diminish evil? It’s a choice. It will not be forced upon us.

Does God have our attention?

Yes, our attention should also be placed on mental health, stronger parenting, safe schools and stricter laws that get enforced. But to believe that we can take on evil of this world with our own efforts is limited and won’t stop evil. It will keep us running in circles or hitting dead ends.

The attention needs to be placed on the fact that we are spiritual beings in a spiritual battle that only can be overcome by Good. It’s a game of tug-of-war for our souls and we aren’t even touching the rope. That’s what has my attention. Doesn’t mean I won’t take action as the Spirit leads me. Oh, no. I’m a feisty one! But I know that I can’t use my feisty, piss and vinegar attitude to fight my battles. I dare not.

The love of God that transforms all understanding has my attention. Does He have yours?

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