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Opportunity Overwhelm?

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Oh! That looks good. I should get that.

Wow! That sounds great. I should listen to that.

I love the way she did that. I should do it that way.

What? They went there?! I should go there.

Oh! She accomplished that? I should accomplished that as well.

Before I know it, I've gone down more rabbit holes and piled up more on my to-do list, must-read list, and must-get list that I'm lost and buried by my own excitement for living a life well lived.

I've been more mindful of this decision trap recently as God called me back into running my life-coaching ministry, AbundantlyMe.

I love learning from Jesus, being a wife to my amazing husband, and stewarding our three young men who are heading out into the world with more independence and authority. I also value making time with friends and keeping up with my own hobbies and interests. Integrating all of this with my own business has been quite the discipline.

The book, Good to Great by Jim Collins, comes to mind often quoting, "Good is the enemy of great." To me that means if I keep adding on good things, it will keep me from the great things God is calling me into. That doesn't mean that all the other things are just good compared to my great. But, If it wasn't meant to be, then it is going to be just good.

If that great opportunity wasn't meant for me, then it's simply going to be a good distraction.

God calls me by name and is constantly inviting me into something special that only I can do based on my unique, God-given identity. If I truly believe this, then I need to take the steps that are great (for me) and unapologetically say no to the other good things that may get in the way of my divine calling.

Same applies to you. You are special. You have a special call on your life and you are the best person to see it through. There will be good distractions that can take you off course. Really good things that will bring goodness to you and others, but will hinder your greatness and higher calling.

When we are overwhelmed with decisions and comparison, we need to stop shoulding ourselves and refocus our eyes on God's divine plan and collaborate with Him as to what He's inviting us into next. He will answer every question you have along the way.

Me: God, that looks good. I think I should get that, what do You think?

God: That is good, but if you trust me, I have something different for you.

Me: Ugh, I'm feeling like I'm missing out. Am I?

God: No, you are where you need to be.

Me: Geesh, they loved others well by doing it that way. Do you want me to do that too?

God: I don't need a replica of them. The world needs you to be you. There are people waiting for what is special about you. How are you different? What experiences have you had that set you apart? How have I loved you through each of those moments?

Me: That vacation/mission trip/adventure looked amazing. Do you want me to go there as well?

God: No. My timing is everything.

Me: Do you want me to get that for the ministry? I think that will be a helpful tool. I don't want to miss out or lag behind. I also think it's what people need/want.

God: You are fully equipped. If you take on another good thing, it will dull your efforts and potential towards your higher calling. Trust me. Your ministry doesn't need that right now. I encourage you to stop looking at others to assess your progress and stay focused on me. I will never lead you in the wrong direction. Never.

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you also want to live a life well lived (no matter what and even if). We all have access to abundance and Jesus wants to help us maintain freedom and joy along the journey. Like never before, we are bombarded by information persuading us to choose. I heard somewhere the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. If we are living a self-aware and intentional life (rather than a life by default or on auto-pilot) we can appreciate the good that is going on around us, yet co-labor with our Creator to decide what is best for us in the moment ––ultimately leading us toward our divine calling.

Most often, the decision is simple. It's all the distractions that's difficult.

In that moment, simply ask God, "What do you want me to know?" Then listen for the answer ––He always answers. Then, with great expectancy ask, "What do you want me to do?"


I would love to connect with you:

1) Are you feeling compelled to say yes to a good thing that may lead you away from your great?

2) Are you in a habit of asking God for direction? If not, what might be holding you back from starting?

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1 comentario

Man Tara, this is definetly me. I do ask God all the time what I should be doing but I think my MIND is too busy to hear what he is saying, Clam my mind dear Lord so I can hear you.

thank you Tara! I just love how the Lord speaks to you!

Me gusta
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