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Celebrating Birthdays

I love being 47! (and I don't mind sharing the REAL MESSage)

It’s common not to enjoy celebrating birthdays as we age. More wrinkles; age spots; stretch marks overlapping loose, saggy skin; graying hair; hair in spots it does NOT belong; as well as body aches and pains and even surgeries and replacements.

I get it, why celebrate such things?!

But for me, I love being 47 and owning it.


What an honor it has been to live 47 years. Too often we grieve those whose life ended too soon, yet we don’t want to age. I want to age – gracefully yes – but, I love getting older.

I’m more at peace and joy isn’t circumstantial.

I love others more freely and receive love more openly.

I care less about things that I used to care about too much.

I’m more bold and free; living more and more fearlessly.

I see things from a different perspective, and in return, realize so does everyone else.

I forgive (even when I can’t forget).

I find myself having little-to-no expectation for others (and even myself). Instead, choosing to let it go and simply rest with an expectant heart that Love will find a way.

Appearance, income, status, connections, successes are great, but too often cover up what is special about the other person. I’ve loved slowing down enough to learn such things.

Trying/learning something new that my younger self would have not been able to do – proving wrong the old adage: we can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

I’m trying to pray for those against me & trying to love my enemies.

I try to give unapologetic “noes” and say “yes” more freely.

I have boundaries for myself towards those who aren’t life-giving and I’m open to invite anyone from anywhere who is.

As I age, my health and wellness is an act of worship & sacrifice - being thankful to God for this day and not falling into temptations of immediate gratification.

Knowing this could be my last day or one of thousands more, I choose to be willing to heal the past, so I can live wholeheartedly in the moment.

So, as I reflect on my 47th Birthday, I’m realizing I don’t want to be 29, 35 or 39 again (or still).

I want to be me – toDAY - hoping that Love is expressed, felt and passed on.

Photo explanation: I took this pic while I took a break from yard work and planting flowers. Seeing myself in the mirror, I laughed at my hair and dirt on my face. I took a pic wondering if it would be useful one day. I tend to share my mess(age) with vulnerability, humility and as much humor as possible.

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