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Flipping the Script: Prepping for the Worst-case Scenario

A truth bomb hit me right between the eyes as I was hopelessly staring (for the umpteenth time) at the canned list of questions from a literary agent. Each question glared at me with equal hopelessness. If I want to professionally publish my book, I will have to complete this daunting task. Giving up on the process has been compelling, but I don’t quit things easily. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turn into months, I continued to do other tasks in the name of progress disguising the truth that I was slowly allowing my dream to suffocate from excuses and distractions.

That’s better than quitting, right?

Here’s the truth bomb that may bring life and breath back into my dream: I spent most my life planning on and prepping for my nightmare to come to true (33+ years), why wouldn’t it take effort and intention for this dream to come true?

I recently finished writing, The One, which is a memoir around the event of my 2008 home invasion. While going through the healing process and writing out the specific details of my story––word after painstaking word––I realized I had prepared for that night my whole life. It was my worst nightmare to have someone come into my home in the middle of the night to harm me. I realized how much effort and faith I had put into imagining this horrible experience happening to me ––and, indeed, it did!

So, why shouldn’t I expect that faith, effort and intentionality will have to go into pursuing my dream of publishing a book with a professional publisher?

After a couple friends read it––even before my editor got her hands on it again––they said happily confirming with me, “I agree, this story is meant to be a movie!”

“Your book reads like Tuesdays with Morrie,” my brother said while reading my manuscript about a month ago.

It has been incredibly encouraging and energizing to receive positive feedback from the handful of people who have offered to read my story in its as is state. To my surprise, it has not motivated me as much as expected. Writing and submitting the book proposal to literary agents feels like writing a book all over again. If my manuscript is selected by an agent and then by a professional publisher, Joanna, my editor, shared with me that the process could take up to two years before it’s in the hands of readers.


I repeated to myself, “So, why shouldn’t I expect that faith, effort and intentionality will have to go into pursuing my dream of publishing a book with a professional publisher?”

I envisioned giving CPR, repeating this statement again and again as if it’s breathing life into my dream until it’s revived.

Then I fixed my attention back on the canned questions and in no time the lies, hopelessness and overwhelm reminded me, it's close to death.

What are your social media stats?

How many do you have on your email list?

What is your plan for marketing and the book launch? Pre-launch & post-launch?

How many books have you published? Did you earn any awards?

Where were you trained as a writer?

Are you part of writing groups?

Do you have connections with high-profile authors or literary figures that can support your book?


I repeat, “Have faith in this dream.”

Again, “Don’t be afraid of effort.”

Again, “Be intentional. Take one step at a time until it’s accomplished.”

Again, I breathed life-giving words into this dream. “If I can put so much energy into my nightmare, I most definitely can put equal amounts or more into my dream of publishing a book with an agent and professional publisher.”

Again. Until I believe it. “God put this dream––this vision–– on my heart, so He will give the provisions to get this love story into readers’ hands whom are beyond my reach.”

I still sensed doubt. Once again I speak, “I may not be able to answer these questions as an already established influencer or writer, but they all started somewhere (as my mom used to say).”

I looked at the questions with more hope and love ––not only for myself, but for the future readers who will not be able to read my love story without this act of faith, effort and intention.

So, here I go!

This is my start.

Well, after I’m done sharing this truth bomb with you all, then I’ll get focused on answering those questions. (wink)

Let’s connect:

How many of you have more faith in bad happening than good?

How many of you have realized that you are putting in a lot of mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual effort into your worst-case scenario?

How many of you are more intentional with combating negative emotions or past hurts from happening again, rather than being intentional with what good is going on now and what dreams are waiting to come true? Yup, that dream.

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