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"I'm going to be okay, right?"

When a loved one’s beliefs are rooted in lies and confusion surrounds

When a loved one feels alone while surrounded by love

When a loved one’s circumstances seem grim and hopeless

When a loved one has built up walls of

self-protection–keeping out bad and good

When a loved one is making their hidden pain visible and cries out, “I’m going to be okay, right?”

Immediately, holding my physical thoughts captive and renewing my mind on Truth I cry out in return, “Right.”

I ––who believe in a victorious God, who has an undefeated record–– get to compassionately affirm no matter what and even if, “Yes. You are going to be okay.”

Not in your own strength

Not in your own wisdom

Not in your own will power

Not in your finances

Not in your friends or who you know

Not in your degree or title or platform

Not in your timing

I promise, with Him, you will always be okay.


Loved one, there is a Power within you that would like to sustain you. Surrender your mind, will and emotions allowing His love and power to take over and remind you of who you are and Whose you are.

I have walked this road before and now I get to make this truth visible by showing up in your life believing in and trusting in the Power of what you can’t see YET.

The world may not be able to see your successes YET, but boy oh boy, buckle up for the glorious adventure ahead!

I would like to hear from you:

How are you? How is your loved one?

Are you standing firm on Truth as the wind and waves intimidate?

How may I help you to stand firm no matter what and even if?

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