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It's Not What You Think

What the heck is that?!

Our daily jog through the neighborhood came to a halt as I sensed Jagger question the world around him. Cautiously, he took a step or two toward the large sphere. Then only his nose stretched forward sniffing the air for signs of identification and safety. Still not satisfied, Jagger crouched down as he stalked the unidentified object appearing he wasn’t afraid to pounce if needed.

“Jagger. It’s fine. It’s just a beach ball.” I giggled as I gently tugged on the leash hoping he would follow my lead so we could finish our run and get home in good time.

He held his position as the fur on the back of his neck and between his shoulders stood straight up indicating fear or maybe his dominance. I knew it was a harmless beach ball resting after their two young kids played with it earlier, but that was not the way Jagger saw it.

I just stood there and watched Jagger navigate his scary unknown. No matter what I said or did, my sweet, intelligent dog wasn’t convinced.

Finally, I pulled on his leash and gave a stern enough command to finally snap Jagger out of the trance German Shorthaired Pointers get into when on point. We finally began to jog again, but he dare not go near the unknown object which sat on the corner lot. He quickly ran into the road on the other side of me as wide around the property as possible. He did not take his eyes off the beach ball until we got far enough away and something familiar got his attention.

As we picked up our pace and jogged through the rest of our familiar route, I was intrigued with how afraid my hunting dog was of a harmless beach ball. How often do I do that? I thought. How many times while I am nervous about something, God replies lightheartedly, “Tara, it’s totally fine. It’s just a "beach ball."

Like a loving Owner and Caregiver –– who has infinite wisdom and a much broader perspective of life –– He wants me to trust Him more than my perspective. All the while He shows compassion and hopes I choose to take His lead as I run (my race of life) with joy and freedom toward home.

Every so often, while I'm dealing with something that is making me uneasy, this memory of Jagger pops up in my mind prompting me to ask God, "Is this just a beach ball?"

I would love to connect with you.

During an uneasy situation, how might it be helpful to ask God His perspective – if it is "just a beach ball"?

What is something that has all your attention and you are afraid of? Is God trying to get your attention and tell you something different about it so you can run your race with joy and freedom (even while dealing with this tough situation?)

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1 Comment

This popped up ( is this a beach ball?) at a time when I am having difficulty with what my eternal view is telling me, versus what I am seeing with my human eyes.

Thank you for this perspective.

Dogs are such good teachers.

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