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The Sky Isn't the Limit

About 40 years ago, while I was playing alone in my tiny backyard of our subsidized housing complex, I experienced the presence of God’s abundant love.

I’ll never, ever forget it.

I couldn’t put words to it then, nor did I tell anyone. I just knew and carried on with my pre-Christian life occupied with lack and self-doubt. As I grew, this experience would come to mind and would take over the moment as if it was an admirer trying to get my attention and ultimately win me over.

The memory always made an impact–however temporary–the attraction grew over time until one day He won me over.

Allow me to set the scene for you. My two older brothers and I were raised by a single mom who worked two jobs to make ends meet for a family of four. My dad lived elsewhere and didn't provided enough financially through child support, so she worked forty hours a week then worked at night.

We lived in subsidized housing that was nestled within an affluent city in Oakland County, Michigan. My mom made a lovely home for us. It was well decorated with what little she had. Our tiny townhome was clean and tidy teaching us high standards of living regardless of size or quality of our home. My mom loved to garden. Our front and backyard were tiny, but beautifully maintained.

One summer day, I was playing alone in my backyard on the small plot of grass fenced in and surrounded by her perfectly placed plants and flowers. I can’t remember what I was playing, most likely simply using my imagination, and all the sudden I felt the urge to look up into the beautiful, blue sky. I looked up feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and the immense blue sky that never had an end point in my mind. I must have allowed my imagination to take hold because I pictured this God-like presence taking up most of the sky. My eyes looked around taking in this new, yet undeniable feeling of comfort, peace and love.

A smile grew from the inside and then showed on my face as I sat staring back at the sky. This six-year-old felt the presence of a dad as if she had one living at home. A loving, protective father who provided for her every need. One who made her feel physically safe, seen and valued, as well as provided for in such a way that she would always have enough.

As if this father-figure is stretching out his arms across the sky saying with a warm smile of his own, “I love you thhhiiiiiisss much.”

It was then, I knew there was something more. Something bigger than my circumstances and most definitely this world. I may not have been able to put words to it then, but I most definitely do now.

It (that two-letter word that seems so insignificant) was Love. Love in its purest form.

It is a He. He is a presence, a real being and has a name.

Father God.

A father to all of us.

A perfect father who has always been there and is patient for the day we accept His perfect love to win us over. His love that cannot be compared to that of this world even if you had the best dad ever! God’s perfect love speaks in personal ways using people, circumstances, your own thoughts, things, scripture, nature – the sky’s not the limit - to get your attention and show His love.

Don’t miss it.

He is stretching His arms out wide to you – as you are right now – saying, “I love you thhhiiiiissssss much.”

Sit in His loving presence and take it in. The warmth of His face is smiling down on you.

I invite you to meditate on this truth. It’s an awesome place to exist.

I love you, too. ~ Tara

This is a draft of an excerpt from my upcoming book, The One. I can't wait for you to read it when it's done going through the publishing process.

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Jul 24, 2022

Beautiful. Thank you ❤️

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